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In The Valley Of Shadows

Shadow Series: Book 1

ISBN-13: 978-1091927650
Pages: 214
Print Price: $15.95
E-Book Price: $9.99

Army Captain Devan Conner and Integrated Cyber Command intelligence analyst Alex Sheridan meet for the first time since a mission went terribly wrong two years earlier. Now they must put the past behind them to focus on a new assignment. The mission: Rescue a stranded CIA operative and deploy the latest counterterrorism software into the network of a Russian militant group.

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Critical Reviews for In The Valley Of Shadows
In the Valley of the Shadows has an incredibly interesting concept. Not only does it offer a nice setup to an action filled story, there’s a major undercurrent that encompasses the love story that drives its two characters throughout.
- Diverse Voices
This is clever character-driven thriller that can appeal to a widespread mainstream audience. The notion of telling a Bourne-style thriller with a female protagonist is commanding enough, but add in the relationship aspect of the plot and this script breaks new ground in the genre.
- We Screen Play
In the Valley of Shadows is a well-executed spy thriller with a strong emotional core. It demonstrates a mastery of form and function, and features an engaging spy thriller which is anchored by a rich relationship dynamic between its dual protagonists.
- J McClain, ScriptReader