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Shadow Series
In The Valley OF Shadows
Shadow Series: Book 1
Among The Shadows Of Ghosts
Shadow Series: Book 2
From Behind The Shadows
Shadow Series: Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-1091927650
Pages: 214
Print Price: $15.95
E-Book Price: $9.99
ISBN-13: 978-1098939021
Pages: 250
Print Price: $14.95
E-Book Price: $8.99
ISBN-13: 978-1073667376
Pages: 266
Print Price: $ 14.95
E-Book Price: $ 8.95 

Army Captain Devan Conner and Integrated Cyber Command intelligence analyst Alex Sheridan meet for the first time since a mission went terribly wrong two years earlier. Now they must put the past behind them to focus on a new assignment. The mission: Rescue a stranded CIA operative and deploy the latest counterterrorism software into the network of a Russian militant group. 


As Devan and Alex begin to put their lives back together, a surprising twist in the Russia Investigation throws Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey’s world into turmoil when a ghost from nearly thirty years ago comes back to haunt her. Meanwhile, ICC Operations Director Payton Cardina finds that an old colleague with a grudge intends to ruin her career and will stop at nothing to succeed.  

ICC Director Payton Cardina was one of the creators of Olympic Games, otherwise known as Stuxnet, to bring down Iran's enriched uranium facility in 2005. The ICC has now uncovered a plot by a terrorist group to reverse engineer and repurpose it to bring down major automated systems around the globe.

Well aware of the potential catastrophic consequences if they don't stop the attacks, Payton and her ace analyst, Alex Sheridan must identify the terrorists before they strike. Once located, will Lieutenant Colonel Mara Morrissey's team be able to take them out before it's too late.

Hiding In The Shadows
Shadow Series: Book 4 
Print Price: $14.95
E-Book Price: $8.99 

After renewing their vows and a second honeymoon with the kids in Paris, Mara, Payton, Devan, and Alex arrive home to another challenge that hits close to home. Craig Courtney, the man who literally plucked Devan off the streets when she was fifteen and saved her life, comes to Fort Meade with a desperate plea for Devan to help him find his son, and his lover who have been identified and targeted by the anti-gay police in the intolerant city of Kingston, Jamaica.

Everyone knows if the men are caught, they will face hard time in a labor camp or possibly death. In a race against time, Alex connects with the Rainbow Railroad, while Payton works her contacts at the CIA, and MI6, as they pull out all the stops to rescue the men and bring them home safely.

Meanwhile, Mara struggles to come to terms with Payton again working with the woman who nearly tore them apart five years earlier, while at the same time, facing intolerance on her own base when some of her colleagues discover and take issue with the fact that she has taken Payton's last name.

Will the team find men in time, and will Mara finally decide to throw in the towel and leave the Army and the soldiers she loves behind?